Ultimate Fringe Bangs- Add a Bang

$ 19.98

These bangs are 7 1/4 inches wide, offering fuller coverage around the hairline for a more natural appearance. 

The hair on these bangs is ultra thinly wefted, giving a thin, natural look that is not bulky or overpowering. A perfect compliment when you want to have a hint of hair showing underneath your hat or turban. The length of the hair measures 2 1/2"-3" long. 

Wear under any hat, turban or scarf for a realistic look. Designed by Carol Galland, especially for cancer patients and women with hair loss.

The hair is attached to a velcro strip, to easily secure inside any hat, turban or scarf.  Ultimate Fringe can be attached directly to your hats. This is a great way to easily wear your bangs with a multitude of hats and scarves. 

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