Survival Organs

$ 13.50

Survival Organs are created by Vanessa

My name is Vanessa and I'm a quirky cancer survivor who started making her own plush internal organs called Survival Organs. During my own experience with chemotherapy, I discovered two things that helped make the day easier: 1. laughing, 2. making stuff. I've joined the two in my handmade organs. They're just the right thing to perk someone up during chemo or to fling across the room in frustration. The whole idea behind Survival Organs is that we're all equipped with the stuff we need to survive life and the crazy stuff that comes in. It just takes some digging and self care to find where we put them. My lymph nodes and Survival Organs are just an external reminder that we've got that "right stuff". And that's what I learned from chemo. I have the "guts" face something huge like cancer. Creating was that gentle reminder that I'm more than cancer. 

They are just as cute in person, if not cuter. A great idea for that 'impossible' person to buy for in your life. 

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