Stompin' Socks

$ 12.95

I am delighted to welcome Stompin' Socks to M of Hope! These amazing socks come with such an empowering message. The premise of these socks is that they will 'help' you to stomp away any ailment that you have. 

Their story:

OUR story is YOUR story. Life happens. Changes come, good stuff and bad stuff. We have a choice in all of it. Sometimes we stop and give up, other times we soar and achieve the impossible. What's the difference? We make challenges larger than life. In short, we convince ourselves it is easier to just deal with the challenge rather than overcome it. Stompin' Socks give you an exciting way to attack your challenge and diminish it. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Get Stompin' Socks, add YOUR feet, get stompin'! Just taking a few steps gives you new motivation and confidence. You will get there! Commitment is what changes dreams into reality. Stompin' Socks can help you with this subtle conditioning. Sometimes you won't even remember you have them on, but when you do, watch out! Life is about to change! 

Warning: Stompin' may cause excitement, healing and a sudden case of empowerment! Enjoy the socks and make a difference in your life!

*Change Your Socks. Change what's possible.*


Machine wash cool. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. 

Select From:

- Addiction 

- Alzheimer's

- Anxiety

- Arthritis 

- Cancer

- Fear

- Migrains 

- Stompin' on Cancer

- Stress

- Worry

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