"Save The Brewbies Tour" T-Shirt

$ 20.00

When it comes to Breast Cancer, or truly ANY cancer, one of my biggest concerns is how willing we are to wear the ribbon without knowing much about the "awareness" piece. We tend to support without knowing the facts. 

This October, my goal is to change that. When thinking about Cleveland, I recognized that we are very much a foodie, craft beer and sports town. So how can I attempt to bridge the gap about breast cancer awareness? When would be a "good" time to discuss what is a bit uncomfortable or awkward to talk about? How about over a beer! 

"Save the Brewbies" came to mind in August of 2017. I quickly contacted my dear friend Brittany who made my vision a reality. 

In addition to an adorable t-shirt, $2 from every sale will be donated to Ears To You, a Cleveland non-profit who provides hope and joy to young girls and women in Cleveland undergoing cancer treatment. 

Even better? Why not partner with local Cleveland breweries to host an event where we can talk about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, when to do your breast exam, the best place TO perform your exam and when to seek assistance from a doctor. Find me at a variety of bars as we "drink for a cause!"

Photo by Dominic Diliberto

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