Pyrite Stones

$ 1.00

Known as "Fool's Gold," however gifting this to someone would make you the furthest from a fool.
- Creates an immediate increase in vitality & accelerates one's ability to overcome and accomplish challenging situations in the physical world.
- Boosts confidence and helps one overcome fear & anxiety.
- Establishes a solid "can accomplish, no matter how challenging or overwhelming" frame of mind.
- Filters out negative energy & protects from low vibrational influences.
- A protective energy shield.
- Helps one break free from fear, anxiety, destructive patterns of thinking & action, & their "shell," encouraging one to be more confident, dynamic, expressive, and energized.
- Empowers to overcome any obstacle, purify one's being & manifest creative flow & one's highest hopes, goals/ visions & desires/ dreams. 
Comes with the meaning of the stone in a cute little sheer bag. 

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