Message Scarves

$ 16.00

Looking for a positive and uplifting gift to treat someone special? Look no further than these beautiful scarves, each individually wrapped and tied with a bow and a card that says explains the "power" the scarves will bring you. Better yet? Each scarf matches a Message Bracelet perfectly. 

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- Hope: Hope is what allows us to open our hearts to possibilities when it is difficult to see the better times ahead. May this scarf be a reminder of the power of hope. Let hope light the path that brings you the most joy (blue scarf).

- Love: Love cannot be defined, it can only be felt. You have touched my heart in such a special way. May you always be surrounded by love. Let this scarf always be a reminder that you are loved beyond words (pink scarf). 

- Strength: Strength is found deep in the soul. When the journey gets tough, remind yourself that you're stronger than you think. Challenges are put in our path to strengthen us. When you wear this scarf, may you find the strength within yourself to overcome the trials you are faced with (brown scarf). 

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