Magnetic Message Bracelets

$ 12.99

You're loving the wrap bracelets in the shop, so I know you're going to be a fan of these! Each magnetic-closing bracelet not only wraps around your wrist, but they come packed with a powerful message. Each messages is engraved onto a silver bar that you can move for desirable placement. 

Each bracelet mixes five different fabric pieces; either braided leather, sparkles, metal or rhinestones to create a really beautiful statement bracelet. 

Select From

- "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" on a black leather band with silver accents

- "Live Simply, Love Deeply" on a brown leather band with copper accents

- "Wish It, Dream It, Do It" on a gold/tan leather band with gold sparkly accents

- "Wisdom, Serenity, Courage" on a silver/grey leather band with silver sparkly accents


7 inches long

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