Kiss and Make Up Pill Boxes

$ 7.99

Whenever I travel, the biggest conversation starter is my pill box... right? I am equally as perplexed but find it to be amusing. 

I am not one who travels easily. I have the worst anxiety when it comes to flying and tend to work myself up so badly that I get really intense headaches. I have a cute pill box my mom gifted me that fits the Advil I will need for said headaches when traveling. Each time I pull it out of my bag, I get so many compliments and questions about it. So much so that I realized I wanted to bring in a darling pill box to the shop. I am delighted to share with you these super cute pill boxes with just a hint of sass! 

Each silver pill box has a push button that helps it to open. Inside are three compartments, perfect to divide up your vitamins and medicine. Bonus: it also serves as a compact with a cute little mirror. Each pill box measures at 2in diameter. 

Select From:

- Chill Pills (black with white polka dots and a teal font)

- I love it when my PILLS kick in (white with a black design and a black font)

- Take 2 and call me in the morning (sea foam green with white polka dots and a black font)

Perfect for yourself, or a treat for a loved on! Get the conversation started with this darling pill box ;-) 

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