Jar of Blessings

$ 10.99

I am a bit obsessed with these Jar of Blessings. Each one is empty so that you can fill it up with trinkets and small tokens to share with another. I love this idea for a birthday party, graduation, to celebrate the end of chemotherapy treatment... the options are endless and the creative ways you are using them is too sweet!

Each jar comes with a card that reads:

"There are many things to be thankful for as we look around and see... 

Happy moments, life's treasures- God has granted them abundantly. 

Take notes as a reminder; today would be the start- 

Soon this jar will overflow with all the blessings that's filled your heart."

Select From:

- Dreams: Fly high with your dreams in whatever you do; Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true.

- Birthdays: If Birthdays match people, yours will be graced with special happiness and love. 


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