I'm A Healer T-Shirt

$ 13.50

What's YOUR Superpower?

Do you identify with the Scarecrow? The Scarecrow (brains) is for the medical community. Thank YOU for all that you do for our loved ones! We appreciate our doctors and nurses more than we convey in words. The medical community guides us along the Yellow Brick Road to recovery. Show your support in this 100% cotton unisex grey t-shirt. The front has a brain on it along with the words "I'm A Healer." The back features a hashtag with "Brainpower" on it. 

The idea behind the "What's YOUR Superpower?" collection came to me when I realized breast cancer awareness month coincides with Halloween. Since The Wizard of Oz is a common costume at Halloween (and a popular movie that also happens to be my favorite), it hit me how relevant the characters are to everyday life, but more specifically ANY battle we encounter (depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's, cancer). Each shirt, designed by Brittany Drapac, is for each "character" in any life battle and the roll that they play. Great for gifting loved ones, or to wear as a group, stop in and pick up your t-shirt today! Follow the Yellow Brick Road to M of Hope today!

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