Gathered Scarf Beanie

$ 25.00

This easy to wear beanie is so soft and flattering. This classic style slips right on for instant success- it's so comfortable and easy! This scarf beanie is a unique head covering that defies description. It slips on like a beanie but presents like a scarf. Wear the gathered tail to the side or the back for two unique looks. When worn to the side, accessories can be added for a whole new look. The soft material is perfect for sensitive scalps because it won't itch or scratch. Love this look paired with everything from jeans and a tee shirt to more structured outfits for dressier occasions. 

Made from silky soft stretch fabrics, this stylish head cover adapts for a perfect fit. One size fits all. A hidden elastic strip in back allows for size flexibility and a secure fit on petite to large head sizes.

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