Evil Queen Candles

$ 18.00

Evil Queen candles are pretty cool because:

  • They're made with 100% soy wax and fragrances free of harmful chemicals
  • They're handmade and poured in my kitchen in Los Angeles
  • They're vegan and eco-friendly

I grew up in a family that's very health conscious, so, I had to make sure my candles were too. The wax used in the candles is soy wax from American grown soy beans. It's 100% vegan, clean burning, and environmentally friendly. You don't have to worry about any toxins getting all up in your house when you burn one of these candles. I also hand pick the fragrances and blend them to create my own unique scents. The candles should also burn for 50+ hours if you follow the instructions (I'm looking at you, rule breakers).

As Ida, the owner, created and total Boss babe says, "Life is so serious sometimes. It's good to lighten up." Do just that with these fun candles packed full of attitude. 

T I P S  A N D  T R I C K S  :

  •  Allow your candle to burn for at least one hour the first time you light it. This will create a large enough "melt pool" and ensure that your candle burns evenly.
  •  Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4". Always. I mean it. 
  •  Be attentive. Make sure your candle is in a safe area where it won't catch anything on fire. Trust me. Fastest way to ruin a good time is by lighting the lamp shade on fire.

Select From

- Adventure Awaits Me (A perfect blend of sea salt, teakwood, and fresh air).

- Basic Candle (All the basic favorites: Vanilla. Pumpkin. Swag).

- Best Day Ever (Fresh, crisp champagne and strawberries. This is a very clean smelling candle that everyone loves).

- Bitches Who Brunch (The perfect blend of mandarins and champagne. Orange without the stereotypical "artificial orange" smell).

- Boss Babe (Hints of bergamot and a slight cologne smell. Not too sweet, not too masculine, the perfect blend of smells that make you want to get out and do shit).

- Bride Tribe (Fragrant anjou pears with sweet champagne make this the perfect candle for the special babes in your life).

- Calm Down (A calming blend of lemongrass, patchouli, and green tea. With a tiny hint of lavender. Sweet, but not overwhelming. Enough to relax you after a long day).

- Can't Adult Day (This candle smells EXACTLY like a freshly opened box of Fruit Loops. So. YUMMY).

- Cat Mom (Do you love your cat more than most people love their children? (jk, but really.) This candle is for you. Sandalwood and vanilla. An instant classic). 

- Champagne Showers (A crisp blend of champagne and chardonnay, with a hint of strawberry sweetness. A very "clean" smelling candle, perfect for a kitchen or bathroom. Or after a heavy night of drinking. Whichever).

- Damn It's Early (Dark roasted coffee beans with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut for sweetness. And tears. Because we've all cried in the morning at least once).

- Dog Mom (Do you love your dog more than most people love their children? (jk, but really.) This candle is for you. Sandalwood and vanilla. An instant classic). 

- Exhale the Bullshit (A calming blend of sage and lemongrass. Perfect for meditation when you're tired of daily bullshit).

- Girl's Night (Think raspberry sangria with a hint of perfume. Fruity and sweet, but not to the point that it makes you feel sick).

- Hangover Cure (The absolute perfect donut scent. Cinnamon sugar, agave, powdered sugar, vanilla bean. Seriously. Do I need to say more?)

- It's Your B-Day (Think "fourth-grade birthday party"... but better. Sweeter. More cake, and definitelymore frosting).

- OMG You're Engaged (A sweet, fresh blend of white tea and sweet lemon. Its the perfect mix of clean and sweet, just like that new rock).

Limited Edition:

- Forever AloneThe recipe for 100% of my Valentine's Day celebrations: Moscato. Chocolate. And lots of it).

- Kiss And Tell (A lovely Egyptian amber fragrance. This candle is infused with natural essential oils including: orange, lavandin, copaiba, balsam, lemon and grapefruit). 

- Let's Makeout (Reminiscent of the best selling BBW Mahogany Teakwood, this one has all of the best fine wood fragrances, with a delicate touch of lavender and geranium. Like, so delicate.  Let's call it cozy-chic).

- Snug Life (Crisp cotton with the warmth of a smokey fireplace. Perfectly comforting). 

 - Shimmy Down My Chimney (Waiting for Santa? Same. This candle will make it feel like he's already there. The perfect holiday scene: notes of christmas tree, orange spice, and fireplace fill this cozy candle).

- Ice Cold (Finally a candle that's as cold as my heart. Oh wait. Did I say that out loud? Cool peppermint with warm vanilla. The perfect blend).

 -Naughty Or Nice (Santa knows if you've been naughty........ or nice? Roasted pine and spice make up this perfectly outdoorsy smell).

 - Slay Bells (I hear those slay bells ring-a-ling... Roasted pine and spice make up this perfectly outdoorsy smell). 

- Under The Mistletoe (Just shut up and kiss me already. No mistletoe needed. Pine. Basalm. And a hint of cranberry sweetness).


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