Diamond Candles

$ 24.95

Diamond Candles want to create a better home fragrance experience for you. Their Ring Candles are handmade using natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and paraben-free fragrances. You'll discover a brilliant ring in each Ring Candle plus the chance to win another ring worth up to $5,000 through the Ring Reveal experience. 

Apple Cinnamon: Apple peel, clove are mixed with freshly baked apple, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Lastly, a spoonful of buttery brown sugar is swirled into a delectably sweet and edible creation.

Carnival Candy: Satisfy your sweet tooth. Bubble gum, raspberry, spun sugar, and vanilla will surely take you back to fun memories at the fair as a child.

Relax & Revive"Fresh" doesn't even begin to do this scent justice. It features a lively combination of lemon verbena and fresh mandarin lime, combined with sweet coconut and white musk.

Spring Break: Zesty mandarin oranges, sugared berries, crisp apple, and juicy pears combine in a fragrance that says "I'm ready for sunshine." Light this candle indoors or out, and savor a mini vacation any time.

Christmas Tree: A fun winter green scent with just the *right* hint of pine. 

Cranberry Freeze: A frosty aroma of iced cranberries, apples and juicy peach is released into the air with an arctic breeze of velvet musk, amber and myrrh.

Winter Festival: A festive mix of the winter season's best with an aromatic fragrance of spiced fruit, crisp citrus, fresh cinnamon and clove balanced with a subtle hint of winter sage and rich woods. 

Diamond Candles are an excellent addition to any Chemo Countdown or a great gifting option for someone undergoing radiation treatment. They pair perfectly with the Flame Card

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