Coobie: Comfort Bra

$ 22.00

The Coobie Comfort Bra provides just that- ultimate comfort. If you're seeking more support, the wide strap feature on this bra will be one you love. Ideal for layering under tops, daily wear, working out, moms who are nursing and women who have undergoing breast surgery. 

This bra comes in four sizes (please feel free to email me or stop in and inquire what size would work best for you; if you are swollen, I would recommend going a size up from what you normally would be wearing):

- Small (fits band size 32 - 34)

- Medium (fits band size 34 - 36)

- Large (fits band size 38 - 42)

- X-Large (fits band size 42 - 48)


- Extra wide straps and band

- Ruching at center bust for shape

- Includes removable pads for modesty and enhanced curves.

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