Carpe Noctem Cosmetics: Cancer Nail Polish Collection

$ 11.00

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Emily from Carpe Noctem. She created an exclusive line of nail polish for M of Hope, complete with names with meaningful messaging. 

The berry color is a sweet one to wish someone the berry best luck with treatment (also appropriate to gift someone undergoing head and neck cancer).

The pink one is as offensive to cancer as cancer is to our loved ones: Cancer Fucking Sucks!

The orange is a great idea to give someone in the middle of treatment that needs a little motivation to keep going. "Keep that Fire Burning" also pairs perfectly with the Flame Card. It's also great to give anyone undergoing Kidney Cancer. 

The yellow one is perfect to encourage your loved ones that there is hope down the cancer road. "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" is a great gifting option for your loved one (and also great to show your support for sarcoma and bone cancer).

The green one comes with a darling jar of butterflies to add on to your nails as a decoration. "Just When the Caterpillar Thought the World Was Over, it Turned into a Butterfly" is an excellent gift for anyone undergoing a life changing event. 

"No One Fights Alone" is a true sentiment. No one undergoing cancer treatment should ever feel they are alone, and this color shares that sentiment. A beautiful teal with lots of sparkle (also perfect for ovarian cancer).

Those who take care of us deserve a little love and recognition. This beautiful purple/plum color thanks your caregiver/care partner with "You're a Plum! Thank You!"

"Beyond The Clouds" is a beautiful silver/grey. It's ideal for anyone undergoing brain cancer (or, if you prefer, the silver color is the universal color for all cancers). The beautiful color will remind you to see the silver lining in something so dark. 

You have to stop in and see these beautiful colors in person! They are beautiful, a sweet token of appreciation and an excellent addition to any Chemo Countdown!

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