Captured Wishes: Cancer Patient Support Wishes

$ 24.95

This beautiful Captured Wish (height approx 30mm x 15mm width) vessel is a perfect cancer patient gift idea. It expresses the need for hope, strength, belief and courage, and the love you feel for the cancer sufferer.

Every element of the gift package has been designed with loving care. Your gift recipient will be truly touched when they open it.

You need never worry that your friend or family member will not understand your sentiment. Most of us have a hard time expressing ourselves in difficult times, and that's where the Captured Wish will be a perfect source of strength for both of you.

Fairy Dust Color Key:

Opal -hope
Heaven blue -believe
Silver -strength
Amber -courage
Deep rose -love

Comes beautifully packaged in a butterfly bag and petite box, along with a card explaining the meaning behind the wishes. 



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