Gallery Night Rules

Cleveland Artists!
Are you interested in having your work on display at M of Hope?

Please read the guidelines for displaying artwork.  If this is something that you are interested in, please contact Meaghan Earley at for further details.

Displaying Artwork
  • Artist may make an appointment with Meaghan Earley prior to hanging to discuss hanging options.
  • Artist is responsible for positioning and hanging own artwork on walls (M of Hope can supply a ladder).
  • Artist is responsible for all hanging/removing pieces from M of Hope’s walls.  You may bring friends/family/crew to help you with everything you need.
  • Each piece of artwork must have a label with name of piece or number, and selling price.
  • Artist bio is recommended, as customers are interested in the background of the artist.
  • Purchased art will be removed from wall the day of purchase.
  • Artist may replace purchased art with another piece for sale (M of Hope will contact you when the artwork is sold).
  • Artist must provide a detailed list of pieces hung including price prior to or day of hanging.
  • All monies due to artist will be paid the day the art is removed from wall.
  • M of Hope will take a 30% commission on all sold pieces.
  • M of Hope will charge sales tax and will be given back to Artist and included in check issued for pieces sold.  M of Hope does not file for sales tax on artwork sold.  It is left up to the Artist to handle.
  • Hanging dates are subject to change at any time.
  • M of Hope is not responsible for any broken or damaged materials prior to hanging.
  • Damage done by a M of Hope’s customer/employee will be refunded to artist at actual price of material, not at selling price.
  • Artist is responsible for any damage of artwork due to improper hanging.