About M of Hope

Hi! My name is Meaghan S Earley. I am a girly girl who believes a touch of glitter can truly make anything (and everything) better, and to always find the light in things that can be dark. Which is essentially how M of Hope came to be.

To rewind a little, I worked at a well-known lingerie retail establishment while I was finishing up my undergraduate degree at Ohio University. I held multiple roles and positions within this store, and the one area that always touched my heart was working in the fitting rooms. There is something so special about helping a woman gain her confidence. Whenever I was working in the fitting rooms and had a woman undergoing breast cancer treatment stop in, I always longed to be able to assist and help them find something that would make them feel feminine and sexy while they were going through this, and sadly, they would often leave the store empty-handed. In my head and heart, I always knew I wanted to create a store where women could shop and find items that would make them feel feminine while fighting for their lives.

This hit a little too close to home when my mom was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2013 and things essentially got, well, real. You never want your mom to feel less feminine or feel alone while going through the "big C" and I knew that I needed to do anything within my power to help my mom through this diagnosis.

I sewed and embellished bras for my mom to wear after her surgery and during chemotherapy. I scouted out the most comfortable sleepwear and button-down attire (since she could not raise her hands above her head post-surgery). I made her a "Chemo Kit" complete with all of the items she would need during treatment, and reached out to her friends and family to have them send her items to help her through her long chemo sessions.

I ask
ed her, "What can I do to help you?" To which she replied that she wanted a countdown. A sheet of paper with a number written on it so after each session she could rip off the number and celebrate one-less chemotherapy session. But I knew I had to do more than that.

I got her eight little gifts and wrapped them up in bags that I decorated with numbers. After each session, she could open the gift to truly celebrate that she was done with one more chemo. The night before her first session, I snuck over to her house and decorated her fireplace mantel with the bags and gifts. I wrote her a note that directed her to the mantel when she woke up. It became our Wednesday tradition to go to lunch, go to chemo, and to celebrate that she was one step closer to having this all behind her.

I asked her doctors and nurses for feedback and comments on all that I did for her. After her friends and family reached out to me and asked for input when it came to items to gift my mom with, I realized that there is a niche for this. There are, unfortunately, so many going through this dreadful disease. While I may not be able to offer a cure, I will be able to assist those undergoing treatment and in finding ways to celebrate each milestone that comes along with "fighting the good fight." I will also be able to assist the caretakers and care partners that may need some inspiration in helping those they love. Above all, I will be able to help others find the light in something so dark.

M of Hope is a place for women to share their strength and feel beautiful. A shop for caretakers to unite. And a boutique of hope.